Handling Finance

when I was a child, I wished to be a drummer

but I’ve got no talent! might as well be a plumber

I know my dream jobs won’t make much money

so I’ll choose a job I don’t like; how funny!


my lucky days have gone aloof

when all my savings has gone — poof! 

notify me for new job openings

to earn a living; to buy new things


everyone knows I’ve never eaten excessive

spicy food; but I eat sweet ones, so expensive!

my money gets less since I eat too much

and when I’m fat and penniless, I’ll hold a grudge!


can’t buy nice drinks with tapioca pearls

can’t have a nice night out with the girls

how can I have fun if I’m so broke?

spending more than what you earn is a huge joke!


trying my best to avoid greed

but I can’t control myself; I can’t succeed!

I did this to myself; this is no happenstance 

I am so bad at handling finance!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: aloof

Your Daily Word Prompt: notify

Three Things Challenge: greed, drummer, tapioca

Ragtag Daily Prompt: happenstance

Word of the Day Challenge: spicy


The Monster

some people were annoyed

at a certain man they try to avoid

they said he’s from Peru

but no one knows if it’s really true


some say he spends time in dark diners

and sold illegal psychedelic to minors

some say he mugged people

broke their legs and made them cripple

he was brusque and impolite

a horrible person; he’d give you a fright


one day, I went out for a ride

and when I saw him, my eyes went wide

and all of a sudden, my car broke down

and I saw him approach me with a frown


he helped me fix it to my amazement

and he didn’t ask for any requirement

he gave off a spontaneous  smile

leaving me surprised, immobile 

I judged him to be a person who’d slaughter

but it turns out I’m the monster


(Phew! Sometimes, I feel like my creativity bar/level is going low lol!)


Your Daily Word Prompt: annoy

Three Things Challenge: Peru, requirement, mug

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: brusque

Ragtag Daily Prompt: psychedelic 

Word of the Day Challenge: spontaneous 

My Love’s Sincere

on a scrap of paper, you wrote

some cheesy love note

I post the letters on our wall

loving the words you’ve liked to scrawl


like a burglar, you stole my heart

even though I was not so smart

even though I was not as gifted

as the ballerinas; lightweight when they’re lifted

their tutus are so pretty

unlike my clothes; what a pity!

wish I could be radiant just like jewelry

wish I could be brilliant in geometry


I’m not even kind nor am I holy

can’t rectify wicked mistakes even if I try wholly

but my love for you will always be sincere

for you’re the most important to me, dear


Your Daily Word Prompt: sincere

Three Things Challenge: burglar, tutu, geometry

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: rectify

Ragtag Daily Prompt: scrap

Word of the Day Challenge: wicked

In Banishing Insecurities

when I look into the mirror

I see the hippopotamus a bit clearer 

the view doesn’t look nice

and eating more might not be too wise

stressed, I eat like a hungry boar

more candies, more chocolates, more s’more


churlish remarks from imaginary voices

in my mind, I can see snickering faces

those girls from animated movies

are so slim and so sultry; such beauties!

I feel this situation’s an emergency

to be so sexy is an urgency!


so I wax my legs and eat less food

to appreciate myself even in the nude

but my love comforts me and says I’m so fine

that my love for him makes it feel like cloud nine

so I cuddle with him; we snuggle up

he kisses my face without makeup

“you’re beautiful,” he’d whisper to my ears

and then, he’d banish my insecurities and fears


Your Daily Word Prompt: animated

Three Things Challenge: comfort, wax, hippopotamus

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: churlish

Ragtag Daily Prompt: emergency

Word of the Day Challenge: view

Our Incompatibility

you like playing monopoly board games

but I just want to cuddle near the fireplace’s flames

you sometimes hate what I like

and sometimes like what I dislike


we both have a goldfish’s memory

we always miss our anniversary

though it never bothers us

we never make a fuss

at least we do agree on that

aside from the fact we both like dogs and cats


I’d normally want a trip to Rome

but you just want to stay at home

I demand you to buy me dried fruits

and I know you don’t like my high-heeled boots

I’ll never force you, I’ll never push

but I’ll stop beating around the bush

our compatibility’s abnormal, I’d say

but my heart is yours, it will never betray


when you’re away, I just feel lost

enduring the sadness it would cost

poignant nights of missing you

smelled your perfume in the morning dew

we are incompatible, you know we do

but I still miss you, and you do, too 

don’t mistake love to be demanding

love is all about understanding

I’ll like what you like

 and I know you’ll do the same, Mike



Your Daily Word Prompt: poignant

Three Things Challenge: monopoly, goldfish, Rome

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: abnormal

Ragtag Daily Prompt: bush

Word of the Day Challenge: lost

Little Soul

your overrated love for your son

was just fear of duties you’ve outrun

for you threw your soon-to-be heir

into the river without a prayer


his head ducked down

the water’s waves harshly drown

now you’re drowned in guilt

looking at this sinful life you’ve built

remember his dearest little soul

if he had lived, he could’ve had a goal

to be a jock who would’ve made you proud

he would’ve wanted his name to be said out loud

your insipid life could’ve been lively

if you did things just and rightly


now all your dirt hidden somewhere

along with your sins and despair

locked within the pyramids of Cairo

longing for the lost newborn Pharaoh


listen to the invitation to paradise

to refuse it would be unwise

an apology to Him who allowed you to live

even if you couldn’t forgive

yourself for things you’ve done,

you’re forgiven by that one favorite Son

as long as you do His will and wishes

you will be given heavenly riches


Your Daily Word Prompt: overrated

Three Things Challenge: Cairo, duck, invitation

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: dirt

Ragtag Daily Prompt: insipid

Word of the Day Challenge: jock



Hate Loop

I wrote down all the feelings I’ve hidden

wish I could erase all things I’ve written

I’ll find a zone where no one could find

to hide my troubles so it wouldn’t remind

myself of my problematic emotions

my own troubles without solutions

bury my notebook under the dirt

and under the pebbles, secrets I’d desert

I wouldn’t let furious jealousy

creep into my life and be my own enemy

avoiding to be in the soup

I’ll escape this endless hatred loop



Three Things Challenge: creep, wish, soup

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: written

Ragtag Daily Prompt: pebble

Word of the Day Challenge: zone

Your Daily Word Prompt: problematic