Thinking of making another blog…

Hello, fellow bloggers! Just a quick question.

Do you have another blog to separate topics or do you write whatever you have on your blog?

All I have been doing is writing poems about words I get from daily prompts. They’re a wonderful source of inspiration and it’s challenging to always make something creative out of all those words I get! But what if I blog about something else, say, games, fashion, or makeup reviews… I know most of my followers might not care about those things, so is it better to make a separate blog? Whaddya think?


Handling Finance

when I was a child, I wished to be a drummer

but I’ve got no talent! might as well be a plumber

I know my dream jobs won’t make much money

so I’ll choose a job I don’t like; how funny!


my lucky days have gone aloof

when all my savings has gone — poof! 

notify me for new job openings

to earn a living; to buy new things


everyone knows I’ve never eaten excessive

spicy food; but I eat sweet ones, so expensive!

my money gets less since I eat too much

and when I’m fat and penniless, I’ll hold a grudge!


can’t buy nice drinks with tapioca pearls

can’t have a nice night out with the girls

how can I have fun if I’m so broke?

spending more than what you earn is a huge joke!


trying my best to avoid greed

but I can’t control myself; I can’t succeed!

I did this to myself; this is no happenstance 

I am so bad at handling finance!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: aloof

Your Daily Word Prompt: notify

Three Things Challenge: greed, drummer, tapioca

Ragtag Daily Prompt: happenstance

Word of the Day Challenge: spicy

Last Day At Work! – September 11, 2019

This is my last day in the office! I feel mixed emotions about this. I haven’t really made such deep connections with many coworkers, so I am not sentimental about it. What I’m feeling embarrassed about is turning down that huge promotion and also, feeling scared about the future.

I’ve been working for two years in the same company. It was my first job, and now I’m scared because I feel like a fresh college graduate again. I have to find a better job with a higher salary so I won’t feel regrets. I have to make new friends and it takes so much energy if the person is difficult to get along with. I have to learn the new job and adjust to my new task, so yep, I’m pretty troubled right now.

But there’s no time for sulking and getting carried away by remorse! There’s always a way to get a clean slate. I should try to be more positive!

I am still young, 22! I should not think that I wasted time for two years in this company. The next job I’ll have might be an upgrade – or a downgrade – but either way, I’ll give it  my best shot! I will make new friends, stronger connections, be a leader even if I am just a group member, and add value to people. I will always try to be energetic and full of love, and I should remember that my salary doesn’t define me, nor does it tell if I am successful or not.

Never lose yourself along the process. Always know where you’re at and where you’re heading, for if you lose your goal, you will get lost as well.

A Stalker

Last night, she saw a stranger under a tree in their garden, watching her room on the second floor. She suspects it was a stalker.

Horrified, she peeked from behind the blinds to see if he was there again tonight. A face three inches close suddenly caused her to stumble.

Written for Twittering Tales #153 (272 characters)

The Monster

some people were annoyed

at a certain man they try to avoid

they said he’s from Peru

but no one knows if it’s really true


some say he spends time in dark diners

and sold illegal psychedelic to minors

some say he mugged people

broke their legs and made them cripple

he was brusque and impolite

a horrible person; he’d give you a fright


one day, I went out for a ride

and when I saw him, my eyes went wide

and all of a sudden, my car broke down

and I saw him approach me with a frown


he helped me fix it to my amazement

and he didn’t ask for any requirement

he gave off a spontaneous  smile

leaving me surprised, immobile 

I judged him to be a person who’d slaughter

but it turns out I’m the monster


(Phew! Sometimes, I feel like my creativity bar/level is going low lol!)


Your Daily Word Prompt: annoy

Three Things Challenge: Peru, requirement, mug

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: brusque

Ragtag Daily Prompt: psychedelic 

Word of the Day Challenge: spontaneous