Dear Brother

dear brother, you must do your homework

before you get lost in life’s foggy murk

finish school first before you flee from home

then, you can go on an adventure and roam


your tactics are insidious

you lie sometimes, you’re devious

you might just stab your father on his back

you’ll definitely give him a heart attack


little brother, your anger’s like paprika spice

but towards our parents, still stay nice

I’ll give you hugs, I’ll give you courage

just don’t settle down and enter early marriage


you’re still young, just a hatchling

can’t escape your parent’s eyes watching

but when the time comes, you’ll preen your wings

fly from the nest, enjoy the freedom it brings


my brother, just stay safe until we meet

and when we do, it’s my treat

maybe I’ll see you in a fest in December

along with the other three family members


Your Daily Word Prompt: insidious
Three Things Challenge: hug, courage, paprika
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: homework
Ragtag Daily Prompt: preen
Word of the Day Challenge: safe




  1. davidjhopcroft · June 14

    Oh Gosh! I wonder how my sisters really feel about me 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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