Drown an Inch

sunshine or drizzle, the world goes round

people go to work without looking around

not hearing the needy’s pleas and cries

other’s sufferings invisible to their eyes


eclectic ideas people’s mind possess

but brains overthink, always prone to stress

and when we make mistakes, we cover our flaws

being defensive, showing fangs and claws


like vampires, we prey on the harmless and the weak

the frail and the bullies playing hide and seek

trapped in an island without a boat, no means of escape

just waiting to be saved by a hero wearing a cape


our own desires tempt us in doing misdeeds

killing and hurting, we’re spreading like weeds

and the devil in hell says, “it’s just slime”

and in slime, we drown an inch per crime


reflect on our actions and sins, when?

go to church then misbehave again

when are we ever gonna learn

and save our souls from hell’s burn?


Your Daily Word Prompt: eclectic 
Three Things Challenge: cover, island, vampire
Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt: A, B, C
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: reflect
Ragtag Daily Prompt: drizzle
Word of the Day Challenge: tempt


  1. davidjhopcroft · June 13

    There is a mixture here of the compassion you feel and the frustration and anger that you feel about the world today. You always use rhyme so beautifully and leave me admiring that skill, maybe too beautifully for this poem I don’t know. There are some thought-provoking lines in that final verse. The false face of many who profess to follow teachings, but then an interesting line – and save our souls from hell’s burn? If we really held to faith then we might see that the Kingdom promised is one that we have to create on earth. Thank you again for a great poem 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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