Harmful Emotions

it’s exhausting to trust

when the world’s unjust

people sending you into orbit

when they’ve done you something horrid


it’s easy to believe there are witches

offering you poisoned margaritas

they sneak through your windows

and put rocks under your pillows


it’s easy to have this negative feeling

they cause the heart to go bleeding

harmful emotions, what are those?

dislike, distrust, hurting like a thorny rose


so don’t hate for too long

forgive the ones who did you wrong

find the faith you’ve lost, trust again

when angry, just count to ten


if very angry, count to a hundred…


Ragtag Daily Prompt: lost
Your Daily Word Prompt: trust
Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt: A, B, C
Word of the Day Challenge: dislike
Three Things Challenge: pillows, margaritas, witches
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: orbit


  1. davidjhopcroft · June 12

    This is a very supportive poem, nicely written with a kind of ‘bouncing’ rhythm to it. I do like the mischievous bits, a lovely touch 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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