The Resentful Fisherman

The water splashed

The waves crashed

Against the boat

Staying afloat

Amidst the sea

A fisherman, you can see

Curious, he was

Of an irony because

He sacrificed ten pigs

To get a big

Amount of fish

Still, he didn’t get his wish

He just wanted

All the fish he spotted

To earn a lot of money

To buy a house so lovely

So big, so elegant

He might just get arrogant

Bathing in his bubbly bathtub

Eating pork chop, an excellent grub!

All his money in a vault

But he wasn’t given blessings; it’s all God’s fault!

He just had to accept

His failure so he wept

Anger and outburst

He cried and cursed

He shouted at the skies

And much to his surprise

The threatening clouds roared

One that can’t be ignored

Someone is angry

Very angry at the cranky,

Resentful fisherman

He got tossed over 

Fell into the water

And like magnet, the bottomless pit

Pulled him down, couldn’t escape it

He grew a tail, then a fin

Then some scales on his skin

Got smaller


He has become one of those swimmers

Escaping the nets of other fishers



Your Daily Word Prompt: irony
Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt: A, B, C
Three Things Challenge: bathtub, pork chop, magnet
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: curious
Ragtag Daily Prompt: splash
Word of the Day Challenge: vault


  1. blindzanygirl · May 15

    My goodness Milly! That fisherman did meet a scaley end! Great work

    Liked by 1 person

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