Rich Meat

I opened the fridge. There was so much stuff inside. I have to clear everything so I can store this lovely meat I bought from the dark web. I can’t wait to experience the taste of rich human meat.

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Written to response to Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #136



  1. larry trasciatti · 12 Days Ago

    A Jeffrey Dahmer kind of guy

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    • Milly · 11 Days Ago

      Haven’t heard of him, but I must check him out to get more inspiration…

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  2. Kat Myrman · 12 Days Ago

    Ewwww. That was a surprisingly gruesome twist! 😳

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    • Milly · 12 Days Ago

      I recently came across an article about Issei Sagawa, the Japanese cannibal…

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      • Kat Myrman · 11 Days Ago

        I’ll need to look that up now. Your tale is even more chilling to imagine it is based on fact! 😳

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