We’re Not Supermodels

Seeing tall supermodel pictures

Comparing mine and their slim figures

Magnificent as they strike a pose

Wearing expensive designer clothes

 Naughty smiles and gestures

Clothed in seductive silky textures

Sexy lingeries, they promote

While I sat here and sadly emote

Fueling insecurities the more we compare

Inner beauty, that’s what we should be aware!

Stop the hate words about how others look

Give back their confidence that you took!

Yes, I love eating sweet egg pies

And top it off with coke float and fries!

But that doesn’t mean I’m a gluttonous pig

If I eat too much resulting to a stomach so big

No one needs to modify oneself for their appearance

So stop the body shaming, stop the abhorrence!

We should recall responsibilities and be a good example

Other people’s feelings, do not trample 

We do not starve ourselves for our wellbeing

And we don’t have to be supermodels; please, stop judging!



(We don’t have to be sexy, but still eat healthily 😉 )
Three Things Challenge: pie, fuel, designer
Your Daily Word Prompt: modify
Ragtag Daily Prompt: picture
Word of the Day Challenge: naughty 

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: recall



  1. Jade Li · April 15

    Well said and great use of the prompts!

    Liked by 1 person

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