Peter the Anteater

There was this kid who liked to play

He looks for ants for they’re his prey

He likes to call himself the Great Anteater

Even though his name’s originally Peter

He carried a box of matches

To burn the ants to ashes

He took some lime from the kitchen

To squeeze onto ants, twitchin’

His sensible friends won’t accept such ideology

But disobedient Peter won’t make an apology

With keen eyes, he searches

For an anthill as he marches

At last he saw the ants crawling

And Peter, smiling, swinging

Along the vast green grassland

His matches and lime at hand

He stood beside the anthill

Ready to bedevil and kill

Those funny little red ants

They do not stand a chance!

But before Peter could light a fire

The ants got what they desire

They crawled all over poor Peter

Now his friends call him the Swollen Anteater



Three Things Challenge: swing, anteater, lime
Your Daily Word Prompt: ideology
Word of the Day Challenge: keen
Ragtag Daily Prompt: bedevil
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: sensible

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