Do You Dare

“Hey, there’s this cool application, Do You Dare app. I found it on Play Store!” Jamie said to his group of friends.

“What’s it about?” Andrew asked.

“Oh, I’ve heard about that from one of my classmates,” Trevor joined the conversation. “It’s like Momo’s Challenge. One quest says you have to steal two bucks from someone. I do it all the time. My mom’s purse is just in the next room.”

“Family members don’t count, wuss!” Jamie said. “Anyway, want to play? Here’s the first quest.” Jamie held his phone up so that everyone can see the screen.

‘Go to the Redwoods at midnight  and stay there for an hour,’” Andrew read. “It’s safe, right?”

“Are you kidding?! They already found two dead bodies in that woods a couple of weeks ago,” Jamie said. “You’re clearly not watching the news. Anyways, the sun is setting down. Who wants to do the first quest?”

“Oh, no, not me,” Andrew cried. “We’re gonna die. Let’s not do this, please!”

“I guess I’ll be the daredevil this time,” Trevor said. “To prove to you guys I’m not a wuss.”

“Here, you can take my sweatshirt since it snowed last night, and it’s kinda frigid,” Jamie offered. “If you back out, you have to wear all my castoff clothes from grandma to school. They have these cute Disney characters printed on them. You’re gonna love it,” Jamie teasingly added.

Trevor started walking into the Redwoods. The three friends agreed on meeting in the woods after Trevor finishes his quest so they can fetch him safely. Jamie was excited to see him go, while Andrew pleaded for him to stay.

That crybaby, really, Trevor thought to himself. Andrew was still crying when he left. He kept on shouting that they’re gonna die or something. Maybe that friend of mine… No. That meal of mine was speaking the truth. Maybe he was shouting prescient warnings.

As the full moon shone in the Redwoods, Trevor began to take a new form. More hideous. More powerful. More frightening. All he needs to do is wait for one more hour and dinner will be served. Andrew was wrong about one thing. I won’t die tonight. No, not me, for I am the one who preys. 

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: prescient
Three Things Challenge: midnight, sweatshirt, application
Word of the Day Challenge: daredevil
Ragtag Daily Prompt: cast off
Elemental Writing Challenge April 4: frigid


  1. Jay-lyn Doerksen · April 5

    Bloody Awesome!!!!!! Never ever saw the ending coming. Amazing job. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Milly · April 5

      Thanks very much!~ 🙂


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