We Sin


I caught an impish little devil

The kind who likes to rebel

A thief who stole his own freedom

He fled away from God’s kingdom

Went to the bottom of my glass jar

There he stayed, my sweet little lodestar

You are the sole reason why

I like to write about you and I

You are redolent of everything

Nice: sunny days, grass and spring

Yet we reeked of such stenchful sins

Concealed with our touching fragrant skins

But no perfume of us can disguise

Nor deceive anyone’s keen eyes

Release the tears of despair

Sleeping souls trapped in our nightmare

Still we cling to our flames of passion

A life of guilty pleasures and satisfaction

We love ourselves too much

And like a hologram, we couldn’t touch

The land of paradise He promised

If we don’t cease being dishonest

Go out! I open the bottle

And you, wanting to battle

To stay inside, to stay captivated

When I said no, you were frustrated

Fine! You and I may stay

And we can just hope that someday

When we kiss in front of Him

With our faces not so grim

May he let go of wrath

And guide us on our paths

Breaking our glass of jar

And you, still my blessed little lodestar



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