Milly’s Milo – Ep 1

This is a short story about how Milly and Milo met.

Milly's Milo 1


Trapped Little Jim

Little Jim was sitting on a hospital bed, drinking a hot cup of cocoa. He looked down from the window, and from there, he watched the zoo. The nurse entered the room and seeing little Jim, she felt sorry for him.

“Do you really want to go there next weekend?” the nurse asked.

“I’ve never been to the zoo,” little Jim said. “What’s in there?”

“Well,” the nurse said, while tucking his uneaten food away with aluminum foil. “There are so many wild animals, like tigers, wild birds, giraffe, snakes and zebras.” 

“That’s dangerous! They would eat the people there!” little Jim exclaimed.

“Oh! Nothing to worry about,” the nurse laughingly said. “Silly! They’re in cages. They won’t hurt no one. Tell you what. If you just finish your meals, I’ll take you there next Saturday. Your cocoa is not sufficient to keep you strong and alive.”

The nurse left the room with the tray. Little Jim felt sorry for the animals in the zoo. They’re in cages, even with their legs and wings still attached. However, little Jim felt sorrier for himself. He doesn’t have legs, and he’s not in a cage, but he’s still trapped within these four walls, with just a nurse and a wheelchair as a ticket to freedom for just one day.

Inspired by Three Things Challenge PL37 by Light Motifs II

Grandpa’s Map

Dean and Chloe were playing in their grandpa’s basement one day. Their grandpa has passed away years ago, and their parents made the creepy basement lovely with a few decorations, some boxes of toys and cute wallpaper for kids. However, there were still some of their grandpa’s stuff that the family hasn’t thrown out yet, and the two young kids were searching for any old treasure they could find until they found a piece of old paper stuck in the pages of a notebook.

It turns out that this old piece of paper was a map, and there was a big X written on one area in the forest.

“Do you think that X marks the spot where the treasure is hidden?” Dean asked.

“Let’s ask mom for permission to go there,” Chloe replied. “But don’t let them know about the treasure. We’re gonna have it all for ourselves.” The kids exchanged greedy smiles and climbed up to the living room where their mom was reading a book.

“Mom, there was this really cool place that Jinny told us about. It’s in the forest, near the farmer’s house.” Chloe started.

“No! You can’t go there!” Their mom’s face flushed, moreover, she was clearly worried about something.

“But you let us play in the forest twice before. Please, mom,” Dean pleaded.

“The two of you will play either in the basement or else, there will be no desert time for anyone in this house.” The two kids looked gloomy, as they heavily marched down to the basement, because they love desserts more than a random piece of paper paper.

As soon as the kids were gone, their mom bursted into tears. She fell in love once, and her father disapproved of their relationship. Why, her ex-lover was just a farmer and he had no wealth to offer. And then that day came, when they found his body buried near their farm. What a horrible thing to do! And what’s worse, they never found the person who did it.


It’s my first time doing a Story Starter Challenge #20 from the Haunted Wordsmith. T’was fun!