Addicted to MMORPG

Found an intriguing mobile game

One with a popular name

So there, the insomnia began

Once I became a fan

Playing for hours and hours

For my character to gain more power

While I snacked on meringue (my fave, actually) and sweets

Staying in bed all day with pillows and sheets

My online friends and I go

To every basement and dungeon below

Killing damned bats that hover in the air

To get some gold and items so rare

But somehow, one day, I was tired of it all

This game is just as addictive as alcohol

I knew that I ceased in doing well

At school when I found out my grades fell

I should probably find something else to satisfy me

Maybe other hobbies: scrapbook, sports or maybe black tea

I guess I’ll just read this book I always keep

And allow myself to sink into deep sleep




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