The Briefcase

Daniel took the briefcase from the dead body and started to walk home. He made sure no one was following him in the dark alley. He lit a cigar and placed it in the corner of his mouth. Whatever was inside the briefcase must be very important, but the agency told him he couldn’t open it nor ask questions about it. He was to retrieve it, and return it to their base as quickly as possible.

His phone rang suddenly and seeing the name of his wife on the screen, he quickly answered the call.

Honey, are you going to make it to dinner?” His wife’s sweet voice completely relaxes him.

I’ll be there in no time,” was his short reply.

His work is dangerous and he knows he could die anytime as other enemies could exercise violence to kill him, that’s why he wants to spend more time with his loving wife who doesn’t know a thing about his career. He can take the briefcase to their headquarters later.

Soon, he arrived home. He could smell the wonderful muffins and a huge roasted chicken was sitting on a plate in the middle of the table. Daniel held the briefcase in his right hand and the bouquet of flowers in his other hand.

“You’re five minutes late,” his wife smilingly said as she kindly placed a plate of muffins on the table.

I brought you something,” Daniel said as he showed his wife the bouquet he was holding. His wife took the flowers from him and gently planted a kiss on his lips.

They’re beautiful,” his wife gasped. “Now, put your silly coat and hat away, and let’s eat,” his lovingly wife said, and Daniel complied, “Gladly, your royal highness.”

He seated himself at the table as she poured him a glass of old wine. Once he took a sip, he instantly felt dizzy. He coughed blood, fell on the floor and gasped for help. His wife’s cold-blooded eyes just stared at him, a symptom of betrayal; a heartless beast waiting for him to die.

She took the briefcase and whispered to his ears, “Rest.


Photo from the Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge #18