Dearest Sister II – A Lover’s POV

I miss your softly singing

While I strum my guitar

At first I was fond of watching

You only from afar

Yet I want more, “Come hither

Be by my side

And steer clear of the river

And my worries shall subside


Still you went that one stormy night

When you ran off to the forest

With your nightgown so white

To the riverbank in the west

Searching for a pot of gold

Never knew why you’d believe

Those foolish stories told

Never knew why you’d leave

Me, eating caviar all alone

Alas, you were gone

I should have known

What your evil sister has brought upon

Your very sweet soul

You, the love I adore

And your sister’s concscience as dark as coal

Her very existence, I abhor


But what’s done is done

Can’t find you within my radar now

All I could do was run

And keep alive that one last vow

To never leave; never abandon you

So here I run to the river of your death

As your spirit came to view

“Come with me, Elizabeth”

I uttered my words

Yet there you stood, saying nothing

I can only hear the songs of the birds

And the strong water rushing

Now I understand

As you held your hand out to me

You want me to walk out of dry land

So together, we will be


I kinda tried to write this for the Genre photo challenge, but I think I forgot to use the photo or even describe it somewhere the (x_x) I kinda got lost in writing)



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