This Cruel World

The broke merchant sat on a bench. He hasn’t eaten for days and his lack of hygiene caused his shirt to rumple. His family and friends already warned him to beware of the danger that awaits him if he ever tries his luck on trading with the other merchants in the nearby city. It was injudicious of him to ignore their advice. This city  without harmony was filled with thugs and scammers, and even though he was generous towards them, they still tricked and cheated him, stealing all his money and clothes, leaving him with nothing.

Suddenly, a little girl with a basket of lavender roses came to him. He has seen this child before in the heart of town, working hard day and night, without a single rose sold. She smiled at him so purely, with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. She gave him half of her own tiny bread and walked away.

The merchant looked at the small piece of stale bread thoughtfully for a while. He now knows why misfortunes kept on happening to him. Maybe he has been too kind. It’s time to be prudent, and maybe this cruel world wouldn’t even let a single angel survive.