A Letter to Katie

Hey there, Katie

I am writing to you from Alabama

Ink on paper and on my hands

I proceed to write as the clock ticks

Reminding me the darkness of the night

The darkness of my life

I heard from a friend

About your good life

And how girls at your school

Treat you with respect

Yet here I am, miserable…

Wishing to see your face again

I missed the times  we shared together

Remember when we built

Our sailboat made of paper?

We dreamed to fly to Neverland

To sail forever and never come back

We longed to break free from

Our daddies’ touches and kisses

Promising ourselves to leave together

Still, I left you alone

Being thrown to a faraway school

As if my parents have never even wanted me

All the girls kicked and punched

To humiliate me as they break my nose

Just as what my dear father would have done

They like to glorify themselves 

In the bruises and wounds of others

Now, I seek for power to get justice

Or maybe a bit of revenge

But maybe, Katie, all I need is

Your smile once more

To thaw the freezing cold in my heart 

To prevent myself from

Being numb from all this hurt

I wanted to see you, Katie

But now I have to say goodbye

For my bags are all packed

My clothes, my books, my sailboat

I am off to Neverland

You have found your own Neverland

In this wretched world of cruelty

And I’m off to find my own

Thank you for all the good times

For all the seconds you stood by me

And someday, perhaps

We will see each other again

Until then, my dear Katie


Photo from The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge #11



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