An Assassin in Disguise

Leila was sitting in a motel room. She could hear the moaning behind the thin walls. She didn’t feel disgust; she felt hatred. She could imagine the woman throwing herself onto the man like some sort of wild octopus, with all her limbs stretched and wrapped around him. Oh how she wished she could tear those limbs one by one…

Suddenly, she hears a thud, followed by glasses breaking and the moaning turned to screams. Leila jumped. After a few seconds, the noises stopped. She waited for a few minutes. The door of the room opened and there stood a man. His naked body was covered in blood, and Leila instantly knew what has happened in the other room. Leila looked at his face; her husband’s face.

“Come. Let’s wash you up.”

They went to the bathroom and she cleaned him up, gave him clean clothes and shoes, and together they left the motel. Leila was scared they were being followed by the police, or a witness must have heard the screams, ready to delate her for the crime she did. But she really didn’t kill the whore, did she? It was him, her knight in shining armor beside him. They got inside the car and drove a few hours far from the city. They need a quiet place just for the two of them; away from the people, from the security cameras, from the WiFi and from everything else technology has to offer.

She came to an isolated woodland, and there, she burned him. The man stood there unhurt, while the flames engulfed him until what only remained of it was ash. Weary, Leila decided to go home.


The sky was dark and it was drizzling, yet the streets were full of life. Leila parked her car two blocks away from her apartment. She walked across the cold city. The robots walked around, not needing raincoats nor boots.  A kid held her own umbrella, which with every raindrop, changed colors. It seems the kid likes it very much. Sge laughed with all her frivolity and childishness. How Leila wished she could just be a kid again, but her earnestness to take that woman’s life away already stole her innocence.

As Leila was opening the door to their flat, she heard the sobs of her husband, Jake. He was sitting on the couch, and when she entered the house, he quickly wiped his tears.

“What happened?” Leila asked.

“My secretary is dead,” Jake said in a casual tone. “I just don’t know who would do something like that to her.”

The TV was on. Leila stared at the screen as she embraced her husband lovingly. The news was talking about a murder in a hotel;  something about an assassin robot being used as a murder weapon and the increase in numbers of people using it. Well, what other better weapon to use? Jake’s secretary thought it was really him without a doubt! What better way to gain someone’s trust and then kill them? When she found out how his secretary seduced him and now that he’s falling in love with his mistress, a divorce is something that she wouldn’t want. Leila would do anything to keep their pledge alive; to be together for better or for worse.


Photo from the Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge #10


(Ugh, today’s word prompts and genre challenge are all so difficult! I don’t even know what I’m writing about! 😥 )



  1. Fandango · March 13

    For having found it so difficult, I think you did a really good job with your story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tessa · March 13

    Now that was one wild story. I finally got it at the end though. Never thought of killer robots. Good job.

    Liked by 1 person

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