Strange Mine

There were strange things that occur in the small town of Brown. For one, Mr. Mellows said aliens have invaded his greenhouse. He was playing chess in the said place one day with miss Sully, his eight-year-old kitty, when suddenly, he heard tiny voices.

The voices sang together in a tune:

“We’re gonna dig our gold from this mine

Oh! We’re gonna live a life so fine”


Was he seeing some kind of apparition? Mr. Mellows was terribly scared, but was quite curious. Perhaps these were not aliens but dwarves, and said they’re in a mine, but in fact, they’re in Mr. Mellows’s ripe apple. As time goes by, the tiny people looked sadder and sadder. No wonder the apples discourage them! Their wealth won’t reach its zenith because they can get no gold… just apples.

Mr. Mellows wanted to encourage them, and thinking these tiny people can do him no harm, he showed himself to them and said, “You’re not in a mine. You’re mining in my ripe apple.”

The two dwarves looked at each other, and then at their surroundings. The tiny man took a bite from the apple, and said, “I see, sir. We apple-ogize.” And the two went off, leaving a bored and sleepy Sully, and Mr. Mellows, laughing.


Photo from The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge #7


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