Melt Me

lovely girl

owning an

icy heart


she’s trapped in

a snow globe,



’till his smiles

like sunshine

melted her


Written in response to the Haunted wordsmith’s prompt, Elemental Writing Challenge 19: icy


used me as your tool

fell for your trickery

believed in your promises

offering me the moon

showering sweet kisses

in yellow daylight

never knew the schemes

you’d implement

the pain I feel

like a boulder growing

heavy in my heart

sinking unto

a bottomless pit

of despair


Word of the Day Challenge: moon

Ragtag Daily Prompt: tool

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: trickery

Three Things Challenge: kiss, boulder, yellow

Your Daily Word Prompt: implement


We Drown

The goddess’s tears caused another rainy day

The raindrops turned heavier and the sky was still so gray

Ever since the sun god left, her life was in disarray

Her tears shall flood the earth, leading to our doomsday

I wait for the sunlight on my balcony, but I’ll be drowning soon anyway


Written in response to Patricia’s Place’s Prompt: In Other Words, rainy day

The more I hit

Problems between you and I

Resolving is what we try

Bringing back the sunshine

Again, our souls align

Bringing back the sugar

Sweetness it would trigger

Bringing back our compromise

After our shouts and our cries

We are prone to sadness

Depression and darkness

But your smiles are reminiscent 

Of our love and peace sufficient

We do not need certificate

To prove our love is delicate

And just like golf, I hit the ball

Made of  my everything, my all

The more I hit you, the more I ache

The more I lose in this game I make



Written for:
Word of the Day Challenge: reminiscent 
Ragtag Daily Prompt: compromise
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: prone
Three Things Challenge: sugar, certificate, golf
Your Daily Word Prompt: sunshine

A Love that Never Lasted

Here, I share, an anecdote from the past

A love story after many months have passed

A true tale of a big gorilla and a tiny rose

And their love for each other everyday grows

The gorilla believed he was a monster so ugly

But the rose persuaded and told him he was lovely

The rose didn’t believe she’s a beautiful flower

Never knowing her beauty that holds power

But the gorilla persuaded and told her she was pretty

Even though the rose believed he did it out of pity

The two were happy for less than a year

They called each other names with such sweetness and dear

The gorilla was careful not to trample her with his foot

And the rose hid her thorns, even asked them to stay put

Even so, they couldn’t lovingly hug each other

For the rose had no hands, and his hands would crush her

They couldn’t get near as if romance was far away

They examined all the possibilities for their love to find a way

However, one day, a florist entered the scene

And there stood the rose, the best he had ever seen

The buyers would be happy to see such a blossom

The number of customers increasing would be awesome!

So the rose worked for the florist and her days became busy

She worked day and night ’til she got tired and dizzy

She didn’t have time for the ape she loved so much

And the docile gorilla, to their love affair, he didn’t clutch

Then came the day the rose decided their love should stop

She has made her decision without even a teardrop

Likewise, the willing ape always said yes

That’s why their love was never a success


That lingering love that one always thought would be forever

Could be the same feeling you’ll feel with whomever

If true love lasts a lifetime, you’ll never know

Unless you grow old with each other, thinking of the long ago


Now, I have found another tender love

Which I know, he’s heaven-sent from above

I’d do anything for this love to prosper

And just what he does, I’ll give anything I can offer


(a true story covered with a lot of symbolism)
Three Things Challenge: buyer, foot, gorilla
Your Daily Word Prompt: examine
Ragtag Daily Prompt: busy
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: anecdote
Word of the Day Challenge: lingering